Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What we did for Labor Day Weekend...

Roller Derby of course!!! My team has been preparing for the Spudtown tournament held in Bosie, Id. We had a 9 team double elimination bracket. We were seeded #1. Being the team to beat puts a little pressure on but we were ready for whatever happened. Thank goodness we were ready because it was a long road to victory. The first game on Saturday we killed SS Rodeo from Canada, then 6 hours later had a rough and crazy game against Jet City resulting in 3 ejections of our best skaters in a 30 minute game. They beat us by 5 points putting us in the loser bracket. In order to win we would have to beat everyone in the loser bracket then play the championship game twice ( because you have to lose twice). The next day we played a 30 min bout against Magic City... at 10:30 am. waiting til 2:00pm for the next bout .. from then on we continued to play full length bouts til the Championship game which we did Win all the way to the end! 5 Bouts in one day all victories and all scored over 100. It was an amazing test to our endurance and skill. I am so proud to be apart of such a great sport and such a great team. So many amazing highlights. Huge shout out to my teammates, what we did this weekend was incredible. Thanks to my parents and all the fans who were able to watch the games online.

John has been announcing for our league for little over half the year. John contacted the tournament announcer to see if they needed help. They really did need extra help and he was able to announce over 6 games while getting to know a lot of cool new people. I am proud of him. John is so hilarious and fun to listen to.

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