Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What we did for Labor Day Weekend...

Roller Derby of course!!! My team has been preparing for the Spudtown tournament held in Bosie, Id. We had a 9 team double elimination bracket. We were seeded #1. Being the team to beat puts a little pressure on but we were ready for whatever happened. Thank goodness we were ready because it was a long road to victory. The first game on Saturday we killed SS Rodeo from Canada, then 6 hours later had a rough and crazy game against Jet City resulting in 3 ejections of our best skaters in a 30 minute game. They beat us by 5 points putting us in the loser bracket. In order to win we would have to beat everyone in the loser bracket then play the championship game twice ( because you have to lose twice). The next day we played a 30 min bout against Magic City... at 10:30 am. waiting til 2:00pm for the next bout .. from then on we continued to play full length bouts til the Championship game which we did Win all the way to the end! 5 Bouts in one day all victories and all scored over 100. It was an amazing test to our endurance and skill. I am so proud to be apart of such a great sport and such a great team. So many amazing highlights. Huge shout out to my teammates, what we did this weekend was incredible. Thanks to my parents and all the fans who were able to watch the games online.

John has been announcing for our league for little over half the year. John contacted the tournament announcer to see if they needed help. They really did need extra help and he was able to announce over 6 games while getting to know a lot of cool new people. I am proud of him. John is so hilarious and fun to listen to.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aurora's Eye

My little 7 Year old Jack Russell Aurora, is my very best friend in the whole world.

I am a close 2nd to her best buddy Elisha, Our Greyhound. Last week we found out Aurora had a really bad case of Glaucoma in her left eye. It was so bad we had to remove the eye completely.

She has been such a great healthy pup I wasn't ready to hear such bad news... so fast. She was such a trooper. Her surgery was last Friday 7-8-2011. She is finally back to her old self rolling around in dead things and chasing her ball. I love my pups and I just wanted to say how grateful I am that there are Vets who can help my little one not have to suffer.

This is Aurora right after surgery last Friday.

Here we are on the first Spring day this year on a walk.

Here is Aurora and Elisha hanging out on the Bed a few months before she lost her eye. They are such good buddies.

Been a rough week for us : (

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy JULY!!!

Fresh new Month and feels so good : )

I always sing the National Anthem at Bouts. I like to pretend I am at the Olympics getting a gold medal and I am Representing my country !!

Just throwing out some pride for Americas birthday month. Thank you first American settlers for breaking free from the Brits! Congrats on that by the way.. heard it wasn't easy.

Have a great day everyone

Breanne Evans

Friday, June 24, 2011

Babies and Rings

I love walking into a home and you can feel the calm and love. My friend Joni is amazing. She gave birth moved into a new house all in one week! Not to mention the house looked nice and moved in. You can tell she is a sweet momma. I love Joni and Rico and I am so happy for them! Congrats you 4 : )

Poor Gus.. I think he is feeling the shaft a little bit : (

Amanda holding Aria .. she was such a good little baby.

Amanda and Nate are engaged and I am thrilled for them! ( they came to visit the baby too and it was the first time I had seen them since Nate proposed on top of the empire state building)

Such a little princess.. this little girl will want for nothing.

Rico calls it her Blue Steel face ( reference from The movie Zoolander)

I loved little Aria's Bow !

We were all gabbing away about Amanda's engagement.. and I saw across the room Rico just loving all over his little girl.

Proud Momma and Aunt Crystal!

I don't look to bad with a baby in my arms ;)

Congrats Again to Rico and Joni <3

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tiny back yard time!

John and Linds have been fixing up our cute little yard. It had a rough year last year and the dogs pretty much turned it into a mud patch. So John decided to get some sod and weather the fence with some red Paint.

The Puppies love the new grass they think its carpet ( at least I think they do).
Auroras cute little butt by the tree.. she is more interested in how everything smells

Its a nice lille patch work for now but it will look good when it starts growing. : )

John has many plans for the back yard so we might be getting some lights, cute chairs, and fire pit! Can't wait to lay out and read a book.

Things are great.

Ragnasty 2011

I love my husband, but he is consistently uncomfortable in front of the camera. I usually like to take picutre of the two of us when we do something awesome. Lately, I have been checking on him to see if he is doing his stupid face.. and he was , I was bummed and Lyndee took the picture anyway.

Riley is AWESOME.. and he did amazing in the race , he ran over 20 miles for us!

My dad brought his "buffer" its literally a car buffer. Apparently its great for moving sore muscles around. here is my Dad buffing his Brother Andy after his run. It was pretty funny.

AWE!! Aunt Heather owned this race, she was great about organizing it for us.

and a Huge thanks to my dad who got us the slot in the race for Christmas and rented the great 15 seater vans!!

This is pretty much the worst race ever. I know a lot of people will tell you its awesome .. dont believe them, we aren't meant to run several miles a day every 6 hours. Being stiff from the drive and lack of sleep its horrible! Well trained people may enjoy it but the weather in Utah this spring didn't allow me to get out as much as I had hoped. I stuck to a cross training with John and did some derby ( which i was at least in shape w/ a bum knee)

Anyway I guess as of now I am still bitter about the experience but I did enjoy the time with my husband and siblings.